To my gorgeous bride-to-be,

Your wedding is going to be AMAZING. I know it.

Based solely on the fact that this blog post found you, I know that you are a bride with a unique wedding vision and a one of a kind love story to tell. With all of my heart I want you to dream big. You deserve love, you deserve adventure, you deserve epic travels, and above all, you deserve the wedding of your dreams.

I know that when you first start out on this wedding planning journey, the adrenaline and excitement of planning your big day can quickly give way to insane amounts of stress and worry and doubt. The struggles are real.. too many vendor options online, dealing with Pinterest overwhelm, battling comparison on social media, making the most of your budget.. I get you girl!

That is why it is so very important to have clarity and a clear vision on your desires, priorities and needs BEFORE you dive too deeply into the planning aspects of your wedding. Checklists and planners are your best friends right now, trust me!

As a wedding photographer who works closely with my clients on the visual details of their weddings, I can attest to the visual magic that unfolds during a well-planned wedding that artfully and thoughtfully employs meaningful details throughout the day. And despite what the wedding magazines try to sell you, you DO NOT necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg and a firstborn to produce a unique and high-end adventure themed event that photographs well. When you zero in on what you truly want and care for, and when you focus on actionable ways to bring that into your wedding in a way that works with your time, budget and circumstances, the results are simply awesome.

Adventure and destination weddings have been growing in popularity over the years, and as a nature loving couple that fell in love in our hiking boots, we must admit we’re loving this trend! Every wedding is a special event, but these weddings are a unique adventure involving travel, getting out into nature, being active, and finding the most breathtaking scenery to share your vows in a way that is totally reflective of your style. The possibilities are only limited to your adventurous imagination!

And believe it or not, but an adventure destination wedding can even save you money in some instances: If you live in a pricey area like Los Angeles or New York City, your wedding dollars won’t take you as far as they will in some places like Mexico or Jamaica or Yosemite (yes, that includes airfare and hotel!).

Still, as with any big life event, there is a bit of planning required to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch. Here’s a complete guide to everything you need to know about planning an adventure destination wedding, from choosing your ceremony location to hiring vendors to deciding how to involve your loved ones.

Click the image above to view your planning guide!

Keep your wedding plans on target by sticking to a schedule. Read this list all the way through to get a good idea of how the entire process will progress. The earlier you can tackle each task, the smoother your wedding planning will go!